Welcome to the "Laboratory of Materials Engineering and High Voltages".
The lab is located in the Department of Electrical Engineering of Bologna University.  The name LIMAT was attributed in 1997, but since 1970 a High Voltage Lab was activated at Institute of Industrial Electrotechnics. . In the 90s, the High Voltage Lab  has become one of the most important research centre in the world involved in insulation system design and diagnosis, under the guide of Prof. Gian Carlo Montanari, head of the Lab.

LIMAT staff is composed by 1 Full Professor, 2 Associate Professors, 1 Assistant Professor, 2 Technicians, 3 researchers (post-doctoral, PhD students and fellows) and several other co-workers. For more details click the link at the top of the page.  

The main fields of activity are related to dielectric material characterization and diagnosis of electrical power systems through partial discharge (PD) and space charge measurements.
Significant work on nanomaterials, and HT superconductive materials, cellular piezoelectric materials, magnetic materials has been also carried out. Other research topics are reliability and maintenance of electrical systems and apparatus, power quality and energy market, applications of artificial intelligence to electric power system control and diagnosis.  
The characterization of insulating materials has done a significant step forward after 1997, when a measurement system for space charge investigation in insulating materials through the pulse electroacoustic method (PEA)  was realized (the first in Italy). After that, a PEA cell for measurements under AC fields (from 0 to 104Hz) was developed (the first in Europe). Finally, a system for space charge evaluation on HV cable length or models was built up. Besides measurement system development, a huge theoretical and experimental activity was carried out.
Innovative techniques for partial discharge measurements and data processing (through neuro-fuzzy and statistical tools) have been developed with the purpose to perform diagnostics and condition based maintenance on insulation systems (e.g., transformers, cables and accessories, rotating machines, insulators, etc.)

LIMAT has carried out a tight collaboration with major international labs and companies involved in the field of  electrical insulation systems (e.g. CESI, ENEL, EPRI, CNR France and Canada, ABB, Alstom, Borealis, Pirelli, etc.) and has been involved in major European Projects (IV and V framework programme).

For detailed information on research activities at LIMAT, please visit the relevant link located at the top of the page.

In 1999 Prof. Montanari and some LIMAT researchers have founded a company, TECHIMP Srl, a spin-off of Bologna University, aimed at realizing diagnostic instruments for insulation systems, providing service in the field of diagnosis and maintenance of power systems, developing innovative technologies for material characterization and carrying out other services relevant to energy market.       










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